Sudahkah anda berselawat hari ini? Tahu tak, seorang alim pada zaman dahulu pernah berkata, "Aku tahu bila akan Allah berselawat kepadaku". Orang ramai terkejut lalu bertanya, "Ya sheikh, mengapakah kamu jadi begitu bongkak seolah-olah kamulah tuhan?" Lalu dia menjawab, "Sesungguhnya apabila seorang hamba berselawat kepada nabi Muhammad s.a.w. sekali, maka Allah akan berselawat kepadanya 10 kali".

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Looping for simulation without using vba


Is it possible to do looping just like in programming but using excel?
You know, when it comes to simulate something, we must have to do looping right?
Actually, I just discovered and learnt something new today on how to do simulation without using vba.

There are two ways of doing it, either using Random Number Generation function which is under Data Analysis in the (Data) ribbon over there or using Data Table which is under What-If-Analysis in the (Data) ribbon.

For Random Number Generation, you can find further information by clicking this link.

To learn more about Data Tablem, you can find it here.

It is so good and amazed to find out this powerful tools.

Another thing, am I too lazy that I just share the link instead of explaining them myself?At least, what I think is that I just wanna inform you guys (my friend) that we can do that without vb.. Sounds quite amazing right? HAHA

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